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Las Vegas Show / Discounts

    The summer is upon us and that means the AWFS Show in Las Vegas. This year, we will be featuring 5 machines in our booth and we invite you to stop by to see us if you are making the trip. We will be bringing the following machines:

    1. R450V Door Clamping Easel
    2. R901 6″ Edge Sander
    3. R220T Double Spindle Counterbore Tub
    4. R46 Double Row Line Borer

    As a pre-show special, we are offering our Door Clamping Cylinders (aka AC/20s) at $75 off. This offer is good through July 21st on the popular replacement cylinders.

    In addition, we will apply that same discount per cylinder to those machines that use the AC/20s. This gives you a savings of up to $750 on models including the R450, R375, and R300.

    To get a quote on your new cylinders or new machines in advance of the AWFS, please click here.