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R250EA Framemaster Face Frame & Door Assembly Easel

The R250EA is designed for all types of frame and door construction. Joinery such as screw pockets, glue and dowel, mortise and tennon, nails, staples and biscuit are all easily utilized by the system. The large assembly easel allows for assembly of cabinet and furniture face frames, cabinet and architectural doors, skylight frames, wainscoting and any other type of frames. Multiple workstations are provided to allow for the simultaneous assembly of different types of joinery.

The R250EA is a table for both the assembly of 5 piece doors, and the assembly of wooden cabinet face frames. This heavy duty table insures a flat surface, with squaring corners, and a set of pneumatic clamps to secure the components during assembly. Used in conjunction with a pocket hole cutter, such as the R200T, or the R220T, to create the face frame screw pocket.

  • 6’x12′ Face Frame and Door Assembly Table
  • (5) Cylinder Clamp Arm
  • (10) Universal Clamp Cylinders & Manifold
  • Foot Treadle
  • (4) Material Hold-down Dogs
  • (3) Adjustable Material Positioning Stops
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Additional options for this machine include:

  • U300E05 – Additional Clamp Cylinder

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